Many people have asked me How did I get the name WaveWalker Design? What is a WaveWalker?

A WaveWalker is someone who isn't afraid to take a chance. To do something extraordinary. It's stepping out and utilizing the talents they have been blessed with to do great things not just for their benefit but for the benefit of those they share those talents with.

A WaveWalker is someone who remains focused to the tasks at hand. Someone whose Hand, Head and Heart go into everything they do.

A WaveWalker knows where he has come from, where he is presently, and remains focused on the One who enabled him to get to where he is today and faithful that he will get to where he wants to be.

A WaveWalker is someone who has realized their talents and special gifts and have been driven to develop them and craft them into a skill not everyone has the benefit to possess. He or she is not afraid to do great things with them even when others may think they can't or just don't think it can be done.

A WaveWalker is all about stepping out, standing out, taking a path less traveled. It's realizing he or she was not put here for their own benefit or gratification, but to share what they have been given and produce great results for all those who walk with them.

Some may call it Faith and a desire to help others succeed. Others may think it is just Talent and a God-given gift. While the rest may see it as the ability to do something well because of training and the development of skills they utilize to succeed.

A WaveWalker is someone who realizes it is all three, and without each of them they would not be where they are today.

Jim Drake
Owner / Creative Director / WaveWalker
WaveWalker Design